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Bob Levene
9th October - 4th November 2002
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Bob Levene is a sound artist, who play's with and explores the definitions and experiences of speech, music, sound and noise. She works in various areas including installations, video, short film, performance and recording technologies.

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Her work has been performed and shown at various venues around the UK and recently at Dundee Contemporary Arts in The Burning Bush Festival and The 7th International Computer Arts Festival in Slovenia. Bob also collaborates with Artist Rob Gawthrop who are known as Automated Noise Ensemble.

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Handmade is a cymbal, it is also a record, it is also a recording of itself and it's handmade. Working with the artist Norbert Schliewe and Rob Gawthrop, Bob cut a record of the sound of a cymbal back onto a cymbal.

Handmade does the opposite to what recording technology normally does, which is to separate the source of the sound from the sound.

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