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Henry Cumberlidge
7th June - 6th July 2002
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Hull's Red Gallery is an adequately confusing space, virtually a converted toilet even if you don't encounter the kind of installation that Henry Cumberlidge has graced it with until July 6.

The core of the show is a fire sprinkler system, which hangs down from an already-low ceiling (nose-height if you're an Artscene journalist). The sprinkler system is supported in its starring role by an industrial electric socket, an empty atmosphere-controlled display case and a burglar alarm (nb the sink and circuit box are pre-existing features).

It's a show about the paraphernalia of galleries. What art needs before it's allowed to 'work', if you like.

Cumberlidge is a lovely bloke. Ande exhaustive too. He apologises for 'cheating' on the detail and using cheap gas piping for the sprinkler (it should have been adonised). He has even sorted out the plumbing on RED's sink, and replastered some of their dodgy walls (now, if he's prepared to repair the fabric of every gallery he visits, this could prove to be a VERY popular show with mnicipal curators).

Genuinely bonkers? Well, you might think so; I thought it was just genuine... loved it.

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