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Caroline Morris, David Brinkworth, John OíShea, Gisele Bone
1st & 2nd October 2004
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Caroline Morris - Museum of Curiosities; Performed at the Ferens Art Gallery & at 54° North.

"She took small things and boxed them & bagged them & bottled them & pinned them & photographed them and when she had finished she laid them out and displayed them. Sometimes she would try and persuade people that they were real and sometimes they were real and unreal at the same time.".

The Museum of Curiosities is a collection of objects that necessitate the suspension of your disbelief. Once you have had an opportunity to take in the richness and rarity of the collection you will be enchanted.

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David Brinkworth - Fine Art Services; Performed at the RED Gallery, the Queen Victoria Square & at 54° North.

Through his services David tries to articulate and create a dialogue around a number of fundamental issues of power and politics that surround the institutional space of the art gallery in relation to the viewer, the artist, and the art object. The intention of this is to create a social sculpture; i.e. a work that creates art discourse around the above issues, critique and question issues of institutional hierarchy. The works so far has included: The Fine Art Appreciation Society, The Gallery Cleaning Service, Gallery Security Services and Health and Safety Services.

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© RED gallery

John OíShea - Telephone Performance; RED Gallery.

Work originating from a daydream, a performance outside the gallery involving numerous telephones.

Gisele Bone - Audio/Visual Performance; 54° North.

Slide projection accompanied by a live sound track in collaboration with Jez Riley.

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