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Susanne Kohler
16th April - 1st May 2004
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Wildwood is a new installation of photographic works that focuses on journies presenting the artist cycling through fictitious and idealised landscapes.

The photograms are exposed using the bicycleís front dynamo lamp. The light is reflected on an ornately framed mirror back onto the photographic paper thus capturing a composition of objects set up in between these two elements. This process transforms arrangements of ordinary domestic house plants and foliage into a dream-like backdrop of wild life through which the cyclist travels.

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Susanne Kohler will be working on a new series of photograms in the Red Gallery. The images will be produced in the gallery, turning the space into a temporary darkroom. Found objects from the local area will be introduced into the work.

The ambiguity and enchantment in Wildwood is created by the very nature of the process Kohler uses. The bike¥s rear wheel is lifted off the ground allowing her to peddle to generate the photographic light. This technique captures blurred areas of Kohler¥s movement which contrast with the sharp detail of the plant life. This process also allows Kohler to play with the scale of the objects represented so that tiny flowers might be transformed into giant palm trees in the image.

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Kohlers work often uses a variety of media to create her ideas without being bound to specific materials. Recent work has included ice sculptures, radio plays and still life compositions in passport photobooths.

Susanne Kohler lives and works in London. She has a BA Fine Art Painting Degree from Chelsea College of Art and an MA Fine Art Media Degree from Slade School of Fine Art. Kohler has previously exhibited internationally.

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