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Jason Dee, Helen McCrorie, Patrick Jameson & Kim McKinney
21st January - 19th Febuary 2005
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This Glasgow based group has been exhibiting together since 2001. Their work is linked by complimentary themes formulated through similar research based, experimental studio practices. Bringing together video, photographs, drawings and sculpture, this exhibition is concerned with the interrelationship between self and environment and how we negotiate our surroundings.

Helen McCrorie, Video Projection
Fable, 2004

Places are essentially formed post-construction from patterns of use and disuse. “I’m interested in how people identify with place and how values and ideologies are reflected in urban and rural locations.” Appropriating objective documentary forms, the work attempts to tease out the underlying politics of the spaces we inhabit, tracing evidence of our dreams, desires, fears and apathy. “I’m particularly interested in marginalised spaces – dormitory towns, derelict land and buildings, and what these tell us about the societies in which we live.”
Helen McCrorie is currently located in Hong Kong where she is working on her new video project.

Kim McKinney, performance related installation
The way you make me feel, 2004

“My work stems from an interest in concepts of identity, of how the individual encounters social convention and defines the self. Using my personal history (mixed-race, urban centered background) allows me to frame my understanding of place, gesture and history. However, the work relates to wider experience through the use of universal symbolism and imagery.”

Jason Dee,
We will resist the scenes of our youth, 2004
That’s all, 2004

Short sound based videos incorporating animation. With a shift to new media, individual forms of representation are no longer so constrained by physical restrictions. “My work uses classic Hollywood cinema clips as raw material to establish connections between temporal, linear storytelling and an alternative, more spatial narrative.”

Patrick Jameson,
Untitled Tape Drawings, 2004
Science Tower, 2004

Patrick will be showing a large-scale wall drawing using electrical tape and a working model of the Millennium Tower, Glasgow.
“I am fascinated by industrially made objects and their relationship to the world that produces and uses them.”
Taking specific objects and re-drawing them in plan form or modelling them to scale makes the works. In other words, the process is one of working back from the object towards the idea of the object. The sculptures are the result of the seemingly pointless task of producing individually made copies of industrially produced objects. “By looking at the object and working back, I work out how it can be re-made as an original. In this respect, the works act not as plans but as an attempt to understand an object in the wider context of its production. By examining and processing objects in this way, I hope to create some kind of new/alternative understanding of my relationship with the material world and what’s in it.”

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Helen McCrorie

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Kim McKinney

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Jason Dee

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Patrick Jameson

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