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Leigh Chorlton
1st July - 30th July 2005
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Leigh Chorlton makes paintings using repeated words that look like disciplined school lines, or a strange mantra. With bright, vivid colour combinations, and mixing impasto with thinly applied layers, Leigh creates different textures on the canvas, and these extremes are presented in a formal, linear way.

Leigh’s paintings are about how colour and word together form different associations; for example, how a bright yellow pleasure is a different pleasure to pleasure over a dark red. Perhaps he asks himself is envy really green? Or what colour is death?

Colour and word relationships are one aspect of Leigh’s work, but in using repetition, the words lose their meaning in order to form the overall pattern of the painting, each word being like a piece in a jigsaw. So there is a dichotomy in the paintings between giving the word a sense of colour but at the same time denying the word meaning through repetition. This is perhaps about the idea of repetition where we repeat to somehow gain a greater understanding of some kind of truth or essence which eludes us.

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